All "I. KALOGRIDIS - WOOD APPLICATIONS SA" products are manufactured at the company's plant and are thoroughly controlled so as quality and operation standards to be the highest possible. This guarantee is valid from the product purchase date and concerns only the first buyer/user. Also, the guarantee covers the entire order described at the respective sales invoice or receipt.

More specifically, the following are provided:

  • 25year guarantee for the wooden part of any construction
  • 10year product functionality guarantee
  • varnish endurance guarantee, as indicated in the RSG maintenance log

  • Guarantees are totally valid, as long as products do not form part of a special construction. Guarantee covers exclusively the construction defects which affect the frame flawless operation and paint damage (in case of exceeding the maximum permissible limits).

    Guarantee covers the free of charge replacement or repair of any defective components, apart from the charge of a fixed amount concerning the call and intervention at the client's building site, according to the current price list.

    Guarantee does not cover product damages caused by their not appropriate or indicated usage, such as inappropriate usage or partial component(mechanisms) usage beyond their specifications, force majeure unforeseeable factors or damages caused by natural disasters (earthquakes or fires etc), incidents that may occur after the installation completion by the company technicians, special weather conditions or exposure to intense corrosive natural environments such as: zones up to 200m from the sea or if it's above 2000m.

    Download our brochure with maintenance tips as well as the guarantee in .pdf format (greek)